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Cheap Conure Parrots For Sale – Get 1 Now Today


The Green Cheeks, like the Maroon Bellied, is primarily green on the body, with grey breasts, maroon tails, and blue primary flight feathers. The top of the head is a darker grey, while the cheeks are green. Captive breeding has resulted in the following color variations in Green Cheek Caiques: Cinnamon, Turquoise, and Yellow Sided Green Cheeks, as well as Suncheek and Pineapple Caiques.

Cheap Conure Parrots For Sale

Conure parrot is a small to medium-sized parrot. It has a long tail and short, rounded wings. The small sized parrot\’s feathers are also very colorful and varied in shades of green, yellow, blue or red.

These parrots have been known for their intelligence and ability to mimic sounds from other birds. They can be taught tricks such as \’talking\’, \’singing\’ or even imitating the human voice!


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