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Affectionate parrot for sale today – Buy 1 now


Agreeable, youthful, talking, affectionate parrot baby African grey from Congo available to be purchased. 7 months old. Accessible, male and female. They make a few engaging sounds and talking. Their eating regimen comprises of fledglings, veggies, organic products, seeds, and pellets. They ought to continuously approach loads of swings and toys. They will accompany free toys and a manual About African dim/raise a child parrot.

Species: African Grey
Sex : Male/Female
Age : 7 months
Size: Little (Weaned – Can eat all alone)
Wellbeing: 100% ensured
Delivering: Comprehensive in Cost

Affectionate Parrot

Affectionate parrot for sale is a small, brightly colored parrot with blue-grey body and yellow legs. It has red cheeks and a long tail. The male bird has a green head and the female one has an orange head.

Where do affectionate parrots live?

The affectionate parrots are found in South America, mainly in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. They can be seen on the trees of forest areas or on bushes near water sources. The birds like to eat fruits but they also feed on insects from time to time as well as seeds that grow in the area where they live.

Affectionate Parrot

very affectionate parrot codycross

Very affectionate parrot codycross is a very cute and friendly bird. It loves to play with its owner and it can be trained easily. It is also very smart and intelligent bird that learns quickly. This pet parrot is recommended for those people who are looking for an adorable companion animal.

What should you do if your Very affectionate parrot codycross gets sick?

If you notice some signs of illness in your pet, then immediately take him/her to the veterinarian as soon as possible so that he/she can get proper treatment at the earliest. If you want to know more about how to treat the sick ones, follow this link to know exactly how to go about it.


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