Best Parrots As Pets For 2023

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are considering buying the best parrots as pets. Many of the same things you’d think of if you were considering a dog or a cat apply to parrots as well. The parrot you buy should be well-adjusted to its new home and be able to easily get along with other animals in the household.

Some things to keep in mind before you go shopping for new best parrots as pets


the size of the best parrots as pets you buy will determine the size of the cage you need. If you’re adding a parrot to your existing household, be aware that most parrots will require an outdoor play area. A pair of parrots, for example, will need a cage that’s at least four times their body weight, or about twenty-five pounds.

parrot sizes and cage recommendation


be familiar with the types of best parrots as pets available. There are conures, macaws, Amazon parrots, toucans, and more. Make sure the bird you buy is a species you’re interested in owning.

types of parrots
parrot types


be familiar with the bird’s diet. All parrots require a carefully prepared diet, and you’ll need to add appropriate supplements to the bird’s diet if you buy something that isn’t a seed-eating bird.

what parrots eat
what parrots eat


purchase a parrot that’s been checked out by a vet.

vet check for parrots
parrot vet check

The Best Parrots as Pets for 2023

1. African Greys

african grey

African grey parrots have been ranked as the number one bird on Google search results for a variety of reasons. These include their intelligence, communication skills, and compatibility with humans. African greys are considered to be one of the most intelligent bird species and are capable of learning a great deal. They are capable of speaking multiple languages and can be very communicative with humans.

Another reason why African greys are so popular is their compatibility with humans. These birds are known for being able to become companions and can be very bondable. They are also known to be playful and enjoy getting attention from their owners. African greys are considered to be one of the easiest bird species to care for and are often very easy to train.

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african grey habits
african grey habits

Overall, African greys are considered to be one of the best bird species for those looking for a companion, a communication tool, and a fun pet. They are known for being very friendly and easy to care for, making them a great option for those looking for a bird in their home.

2. Cockatiels


Cockatiel parrots are a very popular pet bird. They have a very active and playful nature, and are great companion birds. If you want to choose the best parrots as pets this year 2023, then I strongly recommend choosing a cockatiel to start with

There are many different types of cockatiels, but all share some common traits. They are very social birds, and enjoy being around people and other animals. They are also very vocal, and will often talk to you and others in their environment.


Since cockatiels are very social birds, their care must also be kept in mind. They need to be kept in a warm, comfortable environment, with plenty of toys to keep them entertained. They also need regular nails and beak care, to keep them healthy and happy.


Cockatiel parrots are very smart and easy to train. They will often respond to simple commands, such as ‘follow me’ or ‘speak’. Training should start early on in their lives, to avoid any problems down the road.

The average cockatiel lifespan is around 15 years, but they may live up to 20 years or more in healthy conditions.

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3. Conures


Conure parrots (Aratinga guarouba) are the smallest parrots in the world. They have a simple but attractive appearance and make excellent pets. Conure parrots are friendly, playful, and intelligent birds.

Conure parrots are native to the Amazon rainforest. They are very active birds, and need a lot of room to fly and play. Because they are so small, they are best kept in pairs or small colonies.

Conure parrots are very tame when young, but as they get older they may become more independent. They are excellent talkers and love to be around people. They will parrot back what you say to them, and are great for interactive play.

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Because conure parrots are so small, they can be difficult to care for, but with a bit of patience and love they can be a great pet.

4. Macaws


Macaws are one of the most popular pets in the world. These beautiful parrots can be kept in many different types of homes, including apartments, condos, and houses. 

Macaws are not picky eaters and will eat almost anything you give them. They are very active birds, and need plenty of room to exercise. A Macaw should have a large aviary with plenty of room to fly. They also need Perch, a toy, and nesting material. 

The Macaw needs a monthly light dusting with a feather duster. You should also clean their water and food dishes every day and change their water regularly. multipurpose cleaners can also be used.

A Macaw’s lifespan is around forty years. Many people keep Macaws as pets for their entire lifetime.

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5. Cockatoos

types of cockatoos
types of cockatoos

There are many different cockatoo parrots out there and each has different needs when it comes to care and feeding. However, most cockatoo parrots are very moderately active and easy keepers, so reading and following the instructions below will help you provide a reasonably happy and healthy cockatoo.

When it comes to cockatoo parrots, you really don’t need a whole lot of space. They can live in a small room or an aviary, as long as there is plenty of room to fly, play, and perch.

The key to keeping a cockatoo bird healthy is providing plenty of toys and perches for them to use. It’s also important to provide fresh food and water, as well as regular vet check-ups.

When it comes to caring for a cockatoo, the most important thing to remember is to be patient and consistent. Cockatoo parrots are very intelligent birds, and they will quickly learn what is expected of them when it comes to their care.

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